Volume 9 – Walking Dead Issue (Summer 2000)

Starting with Volume 9, the issues became themed by horror genre.  They also started being released less frequently, but the new issues were much larger.

Cover Art:
Generic   “Between Sin & Salvation” by hive

Generic   “Never Give Up, Never Surrender!” by Chris Carpenter

Plot Hooks:
Dark Matter   “Dr. Nakami’s Quarterly Report to the Institute: The Hoffman Agenda Revealed!” by Wolfgang Baur

Dark Conspiracy   “New Concealed Weapons” by A. Shane Murphy

Call of Cthulhu   “Dancing to the Wrong Tune” by Marcus D. Bone

Dark Races:
Dark Conspiracy   “Pets of Mephistopheles” by A. Shane Murphy
Dark Conspiracy   “The Uninvited” by Lee Williams

Art Gallery:
Generic   “Easy Prey” by Andrew Simmons

House Rules:
Dark Matter   “Generic Horror Adventure Generator” by Dale Robert Thurber

All Flesh Must Be Eaten  “Living Dead Girl: A Deadworld for All Flesh Must Be Eaten” by Christopher Haynes
Dark Conspiracy   “Containment Zones” by Lee Williams
Dark Conspiracy   “New Empathic Cells” by Lee Williams

Dark Conspiracy   “Dark Devices” by A. Shane Murphy
Dark Matter   “Necromancy Mask” by Pål Wilhelmsen

All Flesh Must Be Eaten  “AFMBE Playtest Session” by Rob Beck II
Dark Conspiracy   “Call To Darkness Part 2” by Mike Marchi

Dark Humour:
Generic   “Overheard at the Game Master Lounge” by Mike Marchi & John Noddings