Volume 8 – Y2K Issue (March 2000)

Volume 8 - Y2K (March 2000) a4 (311 downloads)
Volume 8 - Y2K (March 2000) letter (298 downloads)

With the start of the new millennium, came a substantial change to Demonground.  For the first time, we would support other game systems.  In the listings from this point forward, we indicate the game system that each article references.

Cover Art:
Generic   “Time for Ceremony” by Kano

Generic   “The Y2K Conspiracy, Revealed” by Mike Marchi
Dark Conspiracy   “Weapons Development: The Case Against Caseless Ammunition” by Reece Wardrip

All Flesh Must Be Eaten  “Grave Impact” by George Vasilakos
Dark Conspiracy  “The Unholy Land” by Eyal Faingersh

Dark Races:
Dark Conspiracy  “Grendel’’s Children” by Lee Williams

Dark Conspiracy  “Ocean Color Scream” by Lee Williams

House Rules:
Dark Conspiracy  “Running Man” by Mitchell K. Schwartz

Art Gallery:
Generic   “Eat This” by Eyal Faingersh

Plot Hook:
Dark Matter   “The Lazarus Pits” by Chris Carpenter

Dark Conspiracy  “Call to Darkness Part 1” by Mike Marchi


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