Volume 10 – Aliens Issue (Fall 2000)

Cover Art:
Generic   “La Nouvelle Chair” by Didier Florentz

Generic   “Grey, three feet tall, big black eyes, no nostrils… Yeah right!” by Lee Williams

Weapons Development:
Dark Conspiracy    “The Braser” by Norm Fenlason

Dark Races:
Dark Conspiracy    “Races Incidental” by Edmund W.T. Wilfong
Dark Conspiracy    “Empathic Threshold Viruses” by Norm Fenlason

Dark Conspiracy    “Fightback” by Michael A. Crossman
Dark Conspiracy    “Children of the Damned” by Ryan Rank

House Rules:
Dark Conspiracy    “Cops and Robbers” by Paul T. Riegel-Green
Dark Conspiracy    “New Empathic Disciplines” by Edmund W.T. Wilfong
Dark Conspiracy    “The Dilettante Career” by Edmund W.T. Wilfong
Dark Matter    “Adjudicating Experience” by Dale Thurber

Art Gallery:
Generic   “On Three…” by Eyal Faingersh

Plot Hooks:
Conspiracy X   “Should You Choose To Accept It…” by Geoff Skellams

Dark Conspiracy    “Dancing With the Maidens: Vorcecki Saga – Conclusion” by Lee Williams
Dark Conspiracy    “The Opening Gambit” by Paul T. Riegel-Green
Call of Cthulhu   “Tribal Dance” by Linden Dunham

Generic   “A Game of Chance” by Robert Sullivan
Dark Conspiracy    “Call To Darkness – Part 3” by Mike Marchi