Welcome to Demonground: Reflections of a Darker Future

Nearly 20 years ago, a small, ragtag group of gamers met in a modem-powered chat room and struck up a conversation about a roleplaying game called “Dark Conspiracy” – a game of conspiracy/horror set in a weird alternate near-future.  Although they had never seen each other, they recognized a shared love of this game, and decided to take up the mantle of continuing to offer support for the game.  After several frustrating chat sessions over dodgy modem connections, the group decided to produce a magazine in the mold of the old Challenge magazine by GDW.  The fanzine would be populated with content donated by game masters from around the world, grouped into a series of loose categories, and distributed in PDF format.

Although DG went on indefinite hiatus back in 2002, recent events have aligned to cause us to come together with the intent of commemorating the 20th anniversary of this endeavor.

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Note: If you came here looking for a Halloween Haunt, you’re so very close, dear reader. So close you can almost see it, lurking in the shadows down the hill and around the bend. Try Demonground: The Hidden Haunt at demonground.com