Volume 7 – Anniversary Issue (November 1999)

Demonground turned a year old with this issue.  We also updated the name of the magazine — specifically in anticipation of a huge format change.  We went from the “Electronic Fanzine of Dark Conspiracy” to “Reflections of a Darker Future”.  Although the announcement was made in this issue, we did not actually receive submissions for new game systems until the next issue.  So Volume 7 remains the final All-Dark-Conspiracy issue of the magazine.

Cover Art:
Generic Horror   “Trancemission” by Bill Ellsworth

Generic Horror   “Winds of Change” by Marcus Bone, Mike Marchi and Geoff Skellams
Generic Horror   “The Origins of Halloween” by Leanne Dempsey

Dark Conspiracy   “The Secrets They Keep Hidden” by Marcus D. Bone

Dark Conspiracy   “New Zealand in 2015” by Marcus D. Bone
Dark Conspiracy   “F.A.I.L. – Life in the North Sea Settlements” by Lee Williams

House Rules:
Dark Conspiracy   “Men in Black” by Mike Marchi
Dark Conspiracy   “Unarmed Combat Damage” by Ryan Rank

Dark Conspiracy   “Allen Whyte” by Lee Williams
Dark Conspiracy   “The Black Rain” by Lee Williams

Dark Conspiracy   “Extreme Ordnance” by Steve King
Dark Conspiracy   “New Vehicles” by Lee Williams
Dark Conspiracy   “Non-Lethal Weaponry” by Chris Carpenter

Dark Races:
Dark Conspiracy   “Haunters” by Eyal Faingersh
Dark Conspiracy   “The Mapinguari” by Lee Williams
Dark Conspiracy   “The Natives” by Ryan Rank

Dark Conspiracy   “To The Circle That Binds It All” by Marcus D. Bone