Volume 6 – Special GenCon Issue (August 1999)

Cover Art:

Generic Horror   “Trespasser” by Eyal Faingersh


Generic Horror   “The End of the First Year” by Geoff Skellams
Generic Horror   “Three Go Mad At GenCon” by Marcus Bone
Generic Horror   “GenCon ’99 Memories” by Mike Marchi


Dark Conspiracy   “The Ashes of Pheonix” by Rob Beck
Dark Conspiracy   “Sins of the Fallen” by Mike Marchi


Dark Conspiracy   “Masdon Global’s Robots” by Lee Williams


Dark Conspiracy   “London” by Lee Williams

House Rules:

Dark Conspiracy   “Getting The Drop On The Bad Guys” by Marcus Bone

Dark Races:

Dark Conspiracy   “The Ezeuth” by Lee Williams

Tabloid Articles and Hooks:

Dark Conspiracy   “A collection of tabloid articles for use as adventure seeds” by Lee Williams