Volume 2 – New Referee Issue (December 1998)

Volume 2 - New Referee Issue (December 1998) a4 (326 downloads)
Volume 2 - New Referee Issue (December 1998) letter (304 downloads)

Cover Art:

  • “Burden of Reality” by David Ho

Editorial and Opinion:

  • Welcome to Issue 2 by Mike Marchi
  • “Inspiration: Adapting other sources to Dark Conspiracy” by Paul Reinerfelt
  • “Pointers for the New Referee” by Ms. Georgie
  • “Guidelines to Writing Your Own Tabloid Articles” by Chris Carpenter


  • “Dark Embrace” by Mike Marchi
  • “Academic Curiosities” by Rob Beck


  • “Androdamus” by Rob Beck


  • “Mindset: Life as a Ballotman” by Geoff Skellams

Dark Races:

  • “Teletubby Land: a.k.a. Dark Tubbies” by Chris Carpenter


  • “Aliens in the Forest: DarkTek in the Great Outdoors” by Marcus Bone
  • “Israeli Military Weapons” by Eyal Faingersh


  • “Early One Morning…” by Marcus Bone

House Rules:

  • “Quick Combat System” by Ken McKinney

Tabloid Articles:

  • “A collection of tabloid articles for use as adventure seeds” by Marcus Bone and Mike Marchi


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