Volume 1 – Premiere Issue (October 1998)

Volume 1 - Premiere Issue (October 1998) a4 (415 downloads)
Volume 1 - Premiere Issue (October 1998) letter (365 downloads)

Cover Art:

  • “The Devil’s Day” by Alan M. Clark

Editorial and Opinion:

  • “Beginning of a New Era” by Marcus Bone
  • “A Short History of the Dark Conspiracy Game” by Lester W. Smith
  • “A Long, Hard Look: DC Then and Now – a Fan’s Perspective” by Geoff Skellams


  • “Terror Train” by Mike Marchi

Home Rules:

  • “Nine New Careers” by Geoff Skellams
  • “A Referee’s Guide to Dimensional Physics” by Mitch Polley
  • “A New Automatic Fire Table” by Moritz Capelle

Equipment and DarkTek:

  • “Slings and Chains: The Forgotten Melee Weapons” by Mike Marchi

Dark Races:

  • “The Gatherers” by Marcus Bone


  • “Crazy Charlie” by Marcus Bone


  • “Stark Raving Mad” by Geoff Skellams

Tabloid Articles:

  • “A collection of tabloid articles for use as adventure seeds” by Rob Beck, Ms. Georgie, Marcus Bone, Mike Marchi and Geoff Skellams


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