Volume 13 – October 2001: Lucky Thirteen!

Volume 13 - Lucky Thirteen! (October 2001) a4 (312 downloads)
Volume 13 - Lucky Thirteen! (October 2001) letter (325 downloads)

Cover Art:
Generic Horror   “Jys’Lyn” by a’lis

Generic Horror   “Welcome to Issue 13” by Geoff Skellams

Generic Horror   “Nightmares of Mine” by Geoff Skellams

Witchcraft   “Big Trouble in Little Italy” by Thom Marrion
Dark Matter   “Dead Man’s Hand” by Jerel Hass
Dark Conspiracy   “Shop Til You’re Dropped” by Dave Schuey

Dark Conspiracy   “The Skeletonator” by Lee Williams

Dark Conspiracy   “Serving Hard Time” by Kevin Buchanan

Dark Races:
Dark Matter   “Ekimmal” by Darren Millar

Art Gallery:
Generic Horror   “Evil” by Norm Fenlason

Dark Conspiracy   “Into the Dark” by Jonathan Turner

Dark Conspiracy   “A Few Good Men” by Jonathan Turner
Dark Conspiracy   “Linacre” by Lee Williams
Dark Conspiracy   “Connoly” by Rory Thompson
Dark Conspiracy   “The New Delhi Monkeyman” by Lee Williams

Dark Conspiracy   “GAWAG” by Lee Williams

All Flesh Must Be Eaten   “Relative Humanism” by Courtney Payton
Delta Green   “Legends” by Michael Layne
Dark Conspiracy   “Call To Darkness – Part 4” by Mike Marchi

On The Cover:
Generic Horror   “Jys’Lyn of the Sacred Fire” by a’lis


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