Volume 12 – June 2001: The Supernatural

Volume 12 - The Supernatural (June 2001) a4 (304 downloads)
Volume 12 - The Supernatural (June 2001) letter (284 downloads)

Cover Art:
Generic Horror   “Rising Shadows”” by Neal Dickinson

Generic Horror   “The Supernatural”” by Becky Marchi
Call of Cthulhu   “Ouch! The Messy Problem of PC Injury” by Jonathan Turner

House Rules:
Dark Matter   “Faith FX: Witchcraft in Dark * Matter” by Christopher West & Ron Bedison

Dark Conspiracy   “Psychokinetics” by Steve King
Dark Conspiracy   “Sources & Sinks” by Norm Fenlason

Dark Conspiracy   “Gland Psychics” by Lee Williams & Chris Lewis

Bureau 13   “Doomsday Exam – A Bureau 13 Preview” by Nick Pollotta

Plot Hooks:
Dark Conspiracy   “Ghosts” by Ryan Rank

Art Gallery:
Generic Horror   “Unknown” by ?

Call of Cthulhu   “Journal of Timothy J. (Junius) Lumin” by Timothy Wojciechowski
Generic Horror   “Necroman” by Raymond J. Hancock

All Flesh Must Be Eaten   “I Was a Zombie for the F.B.I.” by Dave Schuey
Dark Conspiracy   “Health Care” by James D. Pearson
Call of Cthulhu   “Flesh For Eihort” by Linden Dunham
Witchcraft   “ReAnnunciation” by Thom Marrion
Call of Cthulhu   “The Weave” by Norm Fenlason

Witchcraft   “Daughters of Freya” by Paul Schulze


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