Volume 15 – September 2002: Weird Science

All issues of Demonground were provided in pdf form in both a4 and letter paper sizes, so it would be easier for the reader to print a hard-copy. Click the appropriate link below to download the a4 or letter version.

Cover Art:
Generic Horror   “Harvesters” by John Shannon

Generic Horror   “Weird Science” by Lee Williams

Generic Horror   “The Last Hurrah” by Mike Marchi
Zombies!!!   “ZOMBIES!!! (and more Zombies)” by Lee Williams
Generic Horror   “MasterScreen: The Coolest New Idea” by Mike Marchi

On the Cover:
Children of the Sun   “Full Circle” by Lewis Pollak

Children of the Sun   “The Harvest” by Dan Ross
Hunter: The Reckoning   “Me and My Shadows” by Julie Ann Dawson
Generic Horror   “Sentinel” by Allan Naguit

Witchcraft   “The Queen of Las Vegas” by Thom Marrion
Call of Cthulhu   “A Night in the Mountains” by Chad Bowser
Dark Matter   “Dead Man’s Hand (part 2)” by Jerrel Hass
Species   “Capital Offenses” by Edward Gibson

Art Gallery:
Generic Horror   “Interrogation” by Norm Fenlason

House Rules:
Dark Conspiracy   “Cybernetic Augmentation” by Norm Fenlason & Lee Williams

Dark Conspiracy   “Augmented Agent” by Michael Nanney

Dark Races:
Dark Conspiracy   “Cell Phone Zombies” by Norm Fenlason
Dark Conspiracy   “The Klaatu” by Norm Fenlason

Dark Matter   “PreHistory” by David K. Tormsen