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Vol 10 - FALL 2000
Theme: "ALIENS"

Cover Art:
La Nouvelle Chair by Didier Florentz

Banner Art:
Banner 10 by Eyal Feingersch

Grey, Three Feet Tall, Big Black Eyes, No Nostrils... Yeah, Right! by Lee Williams

Weapons Development:
The Braser by Norm Fenlason

Dark Races:
Races: Incidental by Edmund W.T.Wilfong
Empathic Threshold Viruses by Norm Fenlason

Fightback by Michael A. Crossman
Children of the Damned by Ryan Rank

House Rules:
Cops & Robbers by Paul T. Riegel-Green
New Empathic Abilities by Edmund W.T.Wilfong
The Dilettante Career by Edmund W.T.Wilfong
Adjudicating Experience by Dale Thurber

Art Gallery:
[Alien Tear] by Eyal Feingersch

Plot Hooks:
Should You Choose To Accept It... by Geoff Skellams

Dancing With the Maidens by Lee Williams
The Opening Gambit by Paul T. Riegel-Green
Tribal Dance by Linden Dunham

A Game of Chance by Robert Sullivan
Call To Darkness - Part 3 by Mike Marchi

Interior Art:
by James Collins, Eyal Feingersch, Becky Marchi and Andrew Simmons


Content Key
= Generic Horror
= All Flesh Must Be Eaten
= Call of Cthulhu
= Conspiracy X
= Dark Conspiracy
= Delta Green
= Dark Matter
= Unknown Armies
= Witchcraft


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