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Vol 8 - Spring 2000

Cover Art:
Time for Ceremony by Kano

Banner Art:
Untitled#8 by Eyal Feingersch

The Y2K Conspiracy Revealed by Mike Marchi
The Case Against Caseless Ammunition by Reese Wardrip

Grave Impact by George Vasilakos
The Unholy Land by Eyal Feingersch

Dark Races:
Grendel's Children by Lee Williams

Ocean Color Scream by Lee Williams

House Rules:
Running Man Mitchell K. Schwartz

Art Gallery:
Eat This by Eyal Feingersch

Plot Hook:
The Lazarus Pits by Chris Carpenter

Call To Darkness by Mike Marchi

Interior Art:
by Andy Simmons, Eyal Feingersch, and Neal Dickinson


Content Key
= Generic Horror
= All Flesh Must Be Eaten
= Call of Cthulhu
= Conspiracy X
= Dark Conspiracy
= Delta Green
= Dark Matter
= Unknown Armies
= Witchcraft


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