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Vol 7 - WINTER 1999/2000   (Anniversary Issue)

Cover Art:
Trancemission by Bill Ellsworth
Banner Art:
There Goes the Neighborhood by Eyal Feingersch
Winds of Change by Marcus Bone, Mike Marchi and Geoff Skellams
Origins of Halloween by Leanne Dempsey
The Secrets They Keep Hidden by Marcus D. Bone
New Zealand in 2015 by Marcus D. Bone
F.A.I.L. Life in the North Sea Settlements by Lee Williams
House Rules:
Men in Black by Mike Marchi
Unarmed Combat Damage by Ryan Rank
Allen Whyte by Lee Williams
The Black Rain by Lee Williams
Extreme Ordnance by Steve King
New Vehicles by Lee Williams
Non-Lethal Weapons by Chris Carpenter
Dark Races:
Haunters by Eyal Feingersch
The Mapinguari by Lee WIlliams
The Natives by Ryan Rank
To The Circle That Binds It All by Marcus D. Bone
Interior Art:
by Andy Simmons, James D. Collins and Eyal Feingersch


This is the issue where we announce our intention to expand the focus of DEMONGROUND to include other systems. As such, we begin providing content codes for the articles on the download page.

Content Key
= Generic Horror
= All Flesh Must Be Eaten
= Call of Cthulhu
= Conspiracy X
= Dark Conspiracy
= Delta Green
= Dark Matter
= Unknown Armies
= Witchcraft


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