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Vol 11 - March 2001

Cover Art:
Unknown Title by Jestyre

Banner Art:
Banner 11 by Mike Marchi

Location, Location, Location by Marcus Bone

Judgment Night by Nick Pollotta
Bureau-13 is Back! by TriTac Games

Generic Corrupted NPCs by Eyal Feingersch

Rockwell-Vertol R-7000 Mezzoliner by Norm Fenlason
Weapons Development: The Versatile MP5 by James Wardrip

Dark Races:
The Pink Mask by Norm Fenlason

Plot Hooks:
Interludes: Bigfoot vs. The UFOs by Rob Beck
Temple of the Martyrs by Gonzalo Campoverde
Cemetery by Ryan Rank
Into the Garden by James Pearson
The Pit by Michael Beck
Innsmouth by Ryan Rank

Art Gallery:
They Go Up! by Neal Dickinson

House Rules:
The Mega-Corps Want You! by Paul T. Riegel-Green

The Severn Bank Giant by Linden Dunham

How Many Roads To San Felice? by Dylan Craig
Pan by Norm Fenlason
Tir-na-nog by Norm Fenlason
Xibalba by Norm Fenlason
Aeaea, Island of the Lost by Norm Fenlason

Past Future History by Mike Marchi

Interior Art:
by Neal Dickinson, Eyal Feingersch, Norm Fenlason, and Becky Marchi


Content Key
= Generic Horror
= All Flesh Must Be Eaten
= Bureau 13
= Call of Cthulhu
= Conspiracy X
= Dark Conspiracy
= Delta Green
= Dark Matter
= Unknown Armies
= Witchcraft


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