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Vol 9 - Summer 2000
Theme: "Walking Dead"

Cover Art:
Between Sin & Salvation by hive

Banner Art:
Untitled #9 by Eyal Feingersch

Never Give Up, Never Surrender! by Chris Carpenter

Plot Hooks:
Dr. Nakami's Quarterly Report to the Institute by Wolfgang Baur

Getting the Point Across by A.Shane Murphy

Dancing to the Wrong Tune by Marcus D. Bone

Dark Races:
Pets of Mephistopheles by A. Shane Murphy
The UNINVITED by Lee Williams

House Rules:
Generic Horror Adventure Generator by Dale Robert Thurber

Equipment/Dark Tek:
Dark Devices by A. Shane Murphy
Necromancy Mask by Pal Wilhelmsen

Living Dead Girl by Christopher Haynes
Containment Zones (for the Republic of Britain) by Lee Williams
New Empathic Cells (for the Republic of Britain) by Lee Williams

AFMBE Playtest Session by Rob Beck II
Call To Darkness Part 2 by Mike Marchi

Interior Art:
by Eyal Feingersch, Andrew Simmons, Becky Marchi, and Mike Marchi


Content Key

= Generic Horror
= All Flesh Must Be Eaten
= Call of Cthulhu
= Conspiracy X
= Dark Conspiracy
= Delta Green
= Dark Matter
= Unknown Armies
= Witchcraft


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